___________________________________________________________________________ GolfTEC Improvement Centers   ___________________________________________________________________________ The Dream Swing : The BEST golf swing trainer in the world   ___________________________________________________________________________ Greenside bunker play made easy By: Barney Alary, Golf instructor/PGA Professional So, in this situation, the first thing we need is to get our sand wedge. For those of you who have a lob wedge, I would only recommend you to use it in situations where the flag is very close to you AND the sand is very firm (or absent, meaning there is next to no sand). If your most lofted club is a pitching wedge, be ready to struggle and hate and fear sand until you get yourself a sand wedge. Now, what to do with that sand wedge? First, open the clubface and here is how you do it. As a right-handed golfer, raise the club up in a way that the leading edge of the club is pointing straight up, basically, pointing to 12:00. Now rotate it in a way that it points to 1:00 (11:00 if you are left-handed), THEN get your grip. Open the face first, then grip the club. Now that we have opened the clubface, we will need to aim slightly to the left of our target. How much left? Probably creating the illusion where your feet would be aiming 5 to 10 feet to the left of the target (again for a right-handed golfer). Next comes ball position. Position the ball about one inch in front of the center of your stance. Next is a huge key to success out of sand. Put about 60-percent of your weight on your front foot, leaning towards the target. This is huge. Where most people make a critical error in sand is trying to help the ball out. NO, NO, NO, NO! You have to trust the club to do its job. Another critical error is hitting AT the ball. NO, NO, NO, NO! The sand will slow the club down. We need to swing through, and that is why with weight on your front foot, the club can hit the sand and you can swing without the fear of blasting it over the green. When it comes to sand, the untold secret to hitting the shot properly is to hit it fat with an open clubface. That’s something most golfers do all the time (by accident of course), but the whole concept of hitting properly out of sand is to hit fat with an open clubface. For additional assistance, I can be reached at (615) 594-8022, and you can go to my website at, and on Facebook at Symplifying Golf Academy.     ___________________________________________________________________________ The Golf Fix: Iron Play Accuracy  Video by: Michael Breed, host of “The Golf Fix” on Golf Channel